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COMPUTATIONAL SANSKRIT – ISSUES & CHALLANGES संङगणकीय-संसकृतम् – समभावनाएँ एवम् चुनौितयाँ

सनातन धर्म कालेज (लाहौर), अम्बाला छावनी
(संस्कृत की पुनःसंरचना योजना के अधीन)
संङगणकीय-संस्कृतम् – सम्भावनाएँ एवम् चुनौतियाँ
Organized by- Departments of Sanskrit & Computer Science& Electronics
Sponsored by – Director General, Higher Education of Haryana.
Date – 20-21 December, 2013. Timing – 9.00 A.M. TO 5.00 P.M.
“In ancient India the intention to discover truth was so consuming, that in the process, they
discovered perhaps the most perfect tool for fulfilling such a search that the world has ever
known—the Sanskrit language.”

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Under the “Restructuring Sanskrit Scheme” of Department of Sanskrit along with
Department of Computer Science & electronics, we cordially invite you to participate in two days
national conference on the above said topic.
Conference Objectives
1. To highlight the scope of computer technologies in Indian Languages
2. To open up the dialog between Sanskrit Linguists and Computer Researchers.
3. To make use of the principles and techniques available in Sanskrit (Nyaaya, Vyakarana,
Sahitya Shastra ) for developing new paradigms for the computer industry.
4. To invite inter disciplinary researchers, scholars, academacians to exploer and share Issues
& Challenges in computational Sanskrit & Sanskrit computational.
5. To develop packages for training for the faculties in the Computer Industry and Shaastric
Conference Schedule: 20 Dec, 2013
Registration of Delegates 09.00am – 10.00 am
Inaugural Session 10.00 am - 11.00 am
Tea Break 11.00 am-11.15 am
Technical Session I 11.15 am- 01.30 pm
Lunch 01.30 pm- 02.00 pm
Technical Session II 02.00 pm- 03.45 pm
Tea Break 03.45 pm- 04.00 pm
Technical Session III 04.00 pm- 05.00 pm
Conference Schedule: 21 Dec, 2013
Technical Session IV 09.30am- 11.00 am
Tea Break 11.00 am- 11.15 am
Technical Session V 11.15 am- 01.30 pm
Lunch 01.30 pm- 02.00 pm
Technical Session VI 02.00 pm- 03.45 pm
Tea Break 03.45 pm- 04.00 pm
Valedictory Session 04.00 pm - 05.00 pm
Call For Papers
This is an academic event under the “Restructuring Sanskrit Scheme” sponsored by Directorate
General of Higher Education of Haryana. We cordially invite paper submission in the topics but
not limited to following research areas:
1. Computational Linguistics
2. Natural language Processing
3. Parsing & Tagging
4. Grammar Engineering
5. Information Computing
6. Phonology, Morphology
7. Text Mining
8. Sentence and Discourse Analysis
9. Search Engine for NLP
10. Information Retrieval and Question
11. Language Translation through Web
12. Social Media Analysis and Processing
13. Semantic Processing
Important Dates
Participation Confirmation at Dec 10, 2013
Paper Submission (soft copy in IEEE format strictly)at Dec 10, 2013
Acceptance Intimation on E mail Dec 16, 2013
Camera ready copy & Copyright Form Dec 17, 2013
1. Kindly be punctual & No TA /DA admissible.
2. Registration fee only for the published papers (Rs 300 per research paper).
3. Intimation for accommodation (on payment basis) if required need to be confirmed by Dec10, 2013.

Dr. Kavita Taneja     Dr. Rajinder Singh Rana    Dr. Ashutosh Angiras     Dr. Desh Bandhu
Coordinator              Convener                          Organizing Secretary      Principal
08059044445          09466596782                    09896394569             09812053283

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